Sinch Technology
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We are the source of a unique technology that has revolutionized the fastening industry. Our SINCH Technology can deliver an unlimited range of fastening applications that not only provide a secure bond, but also permit you to reverse the process and re-fasten the application. SINCH offers a mistake proof, mess proof, damage proof method to instantly position and bond practically any non-metallic material to another. This means that if you change your mind or need to reposition your work you can reverse the bonding process to make a correction or replace a component.

Introductory Video

Nexicor, with SINCH Technology, presents the opportunity to participate in the development of fastening solutions for many applications throughout many industries. Our “Partners in SINCH Technology” features applications of our technology in unique, exciting fastening solutions.

We continue to provide potential partners with the opportunity to participate in an innovative approach to their fastening requirements across a broad spectrum of business, professional and retail applications.